The Main Paths to the Top of Snowdon

When you are thinking of walking up Snowdon, it’s a bit of a pain to work out the best place to park and which route is the best to go up. So most will end up going up on the train or using the LLanberis pass, even when they visit multiple times!

Now there are no excuses thanks to this graphic from Darwin Escapes which shows each route, the difficulty level and the postcode of each car park. Hopefully people will spread out a bit more amongst the paths now!

SnowdonWalksInfoGraphic3-copy-scaled (1)

I’m guilty of being a Llanberis Path nut-hugger, having ascended the mountain 3 times via the same path (the road at the start is the hardest part!)

Here are some pics from my last walk and an ace pic of someone wild camping to boot :

Ted and Kia Excited-ish


Cliff Hanger
Cliff Hanger




And Some Wild Camping Photos of Snowdon, because they look ace –


wild camping snowdon

Photo Credit – Kris Williams – Wild Camping Group

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