Crib Goch Ridge – Snowdon

A 3am start to catch the sunrise on top of Snowdonia mountain via the Crib Goch Route

En route to Snowdonia

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Crib Goch FAQs

How long does Crib Goch Take?

Leave between 6 and 10 hours to complete the route – depending on your fitness levels and scrambling experience. Always check the weather!

How dangerous is crib goch?

Pretty dangerous. Llanberis Mountain Rescue have previously stated that Crib Goch is “extremely dangerous and should not be attempted by novice walkers”. There is a real danger of slipping and falling, especially if the weather is wet or windy.

How many deaths on Crib Goch?

Around 8-10 people per year fall to their deaths attempting to climb Snowdon via Crib Goch.

One story about a near death experience here on

There’s some more handy info about Crib Goch and all the other main routes in this infographic from Darwin Escapes

Crib Coch Path info
Crib Coch Path info

Nant Y Ffrith waterfall- Bwlych gwyn

Went for a nice walk, lovely and quiet even on Good Friday

Nant y ffrith walk Map. Type in Nant y ffrith walk into Google maps

there is parking by the war memorial in Bwlch gwyn. It is on the corner, about 250m from the pub that you pass on the left coming from Wrexham

nant y ffrith waterfall

if you look on Google maps, you can navigate to the waterfall and caves.

I don’t personally recommend it, you have to go over a fence or past a no entry sign. Dodgy with kids or on your own