Corsa Campervan Adventures – Hope Mountain

Thought I would trial the ‘campervan’ somewhere close, so Saturday night I slept on Hope Mountain, which is on the border of Wrexham & Flintshire in North Wales.


The campervan is basically at the prototype-stage…several black-out-blinds cut out to the shape of the back windows, and ducktaped on, a USB charger for the cigarette-lighter and an army-issue sleeping bag.

I tried my folding Judo-mat as a sleeping platform, but it was too hard and too high, so I’ve replaced this with a shed-load of thick-blankets (thanks Aunty Vicky). I’ve order some velcro-stickers to add to the car interior and the black out blinds and a unisex urinal. I might take the passenger- front seat-out, as it was a right pain getting in and out.

I want to build (or buy) a hollow sleeping platform with pull out bits for cooking utensils etc There’s a few ideas here.

Anyway, here’s Hope Mountain Sunrise:



Hope Mountain

I didn’t get bummed (chance would be a fine thing) or woken up by Police or wild animals (as predicted by friends), but I was a bit tired.

That sunrise was one of the best things I’ve ever seen, better than the one I saw in Death Valley or the rip-off skywalk thing in the Grand Canyon.  Amazingly peaceful too. So definitely worth losing some sleep over.


Halkyn Mountain


2 nights later I slept on Halkyn Mountain, it was shit. I think it’s all about the sunrises really, so it’s definitely worth checking the weather forecast. Also I probably chose a bit of a crap spot



This Week’s Most ‘Liked’ Photo…

Was of Hope Mountain:

Here are some more pics of Hope Mountain



To get up there – park in Caergrwle car park.  Walk out of the exit (on the right as you enter), then turn left.
You can follow your nose and head straight up the street right in front of you, and there is a small stile you jump over – this way is VERY overgrown, but bloody awesome.

Alternatively you can come out of the car park, turn left and then turn left again and follow that road all the way up into what appears to be a cul-de-sac of houses. However, on the top right, there is a path you can follow, and turn left off of about 100m of the way up.

Finally, if coming from Wrexham towards mold on the Mold Road.  Turn left by the traffic lights in abermorddu.